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Do Android Boxes Come Preloaded

Today, technology has taken center stage controlling the pace of development in various sectors. The technology revolution has extended to people that enjoy watching media content on their TV.

Currently, different streaming companies have improved their services by extending their reach to various parts of the world. This they have done with the design of various apps that are compatible with mobile devices, especially those that are powered by Android.

The success of the use of these apps on android smartphones led to the introduction of TV boxes. The TV boxes were introduced to enhance the pleasure of people that desires watching media content at high quality on streaming devices.

The Android box is an example of these TV boxes. The outstanding benefits derived by users of the Android boxes account for its increasing popularity among homeowners. Today, I will be giving you information that will let you know whether the Android boxes come preloaded or not.

Android Boxes

Android boxes are streaming devices that have revolutionized the streaming industry by presenting homeowners with excellent features that are deficient in other streaming choices. With the use of Android boxes in your home, you can now watch a movie and stream shows with a simple tap on the button.

With these features, you don’t have to struggle with mastering your remote control to switch channels on your TV set. Also, the Android box has added more functionalities to your TV set in that it can be used to access the internet, read the news, shop online, send emails, and check your social media account.

Android Box Features

1. Android Boxes Operating System

Android boxes are small media boxes that can be connected to a TV to stream TV shows and watch movies and also play games. The device has become popular among homeowners that desire to take streaming devices of their home to the next level. Android boxes are streaming devices that run on an Android operating system. With the Android box OS, you can convert your TV to a smart TV effortlessly.

2. Chromecast

The Android box is an excellent streaming device that allows users to stream their favorite media content effortlessly from any device. With the built-in Chromecast support feature of the Android box, users can cast their favorite shows or movies directly from their Android-powered mobile devices and PC Chrome browsers to their TV.

3. Google Assistant

Media devices that of high quality offers Google Assistant integration. It may be integrated into the form of set-top boxes. Also, it is not activated on the Android box-you can activate it with your remote control.

4. Additional Ports

The inclusion of additional features to the Android box depending on the manufacturer of the Android box you use. On the Android box, you may find SD card slots, USB ports, and Ethernet ports that can be used for internet connection.

5. Bluetooth

The Android box has Bluetooth functionalities. When you purchase your Android box, you can use its Bluetooth-enable features to connect with your keyboard, smartphone, laptop, and other devices.

Are Preloaded Content Present in Android Boxes

Android boxes are a fantastic streaming device that offers its users a lot of content to enjoy. However, it does not come with preloaded content. Hence, the content that is enjoyed on the streaming device is downloaded from the Android box Google play store.

Contents on Android Boxes

Android boxes are streaming devices that a lot of exciting content for its users to enjoy. These content can be streamed at a high definition resolution of 4K. The process of finding loaded content on the device is easy and straightforward. This is because the interface of the Android box on TV resembles that of smartphone and android powered devices.

The apps available on the Android box are displayed on the screen, just like a typical Android smartphone. They are present on the screen as a scrollable ribbon. On the Android box, you can do a quick set up of your favorite content. You are also presented with the opportunity of accessing your recommended content on the apps down the screen.

However, Android boxes do not have widget preloaded in it because it does not support the use of widgets. That said, various apps do not come with Android boxes. An example is the Disney Plus app. Hence, you have to download them from the Google play store since it runs on the Android operating system.

What Loaded Content You Can Watch on Android Boxes

Android boxes have a plethora of streaming apps designed loaded in it. The streaming device also has apps that are added to the google play store by media streaming companies. However, it should be noted that the apps on a typical android smartphone cannot run on the Android box. Hence, app developers design an app that cares compatible with the Android box for an excellent streaming experience.

The streaming apps you can download and install on your Android box include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, HBO Go, ABC, iPlayer, MLB.TV, YouTube, and many more. That said, some apps are suitable for the Android box, but they face geo-restriction. However, you can unlock the apps with an excellent VPN provider.

Though the Android boxes run on the Android operating system, the Google play store is a bit smaller than what is obtainable on the mobile version. With the Android boxes, you can sideload apps. What this implies is that you can get the APK file of your desired app, run it on the Android box, and install it.

However, the sideloaded app may not be supported by your remote. Hence, you can download an android box remote app on your smartphone. This will allow you to enjoy apps installed through this means and also make your finger your mouse control cursor.

Wrap Up

Android boxes are streaming devices that offer exciting movies and shows for users to enjoy. Content on the streaming devices is not preloaded. Hence, users should prepare their mind to download their favorite apps before they can enjoy the use of the device. The information here will give you background information about the content you should expect when you purchase an Android box for your home.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash