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How Much Data Does a Netflix Movie Use

Over the years, the entertainment industry has gained global recognition. The industry comprises of individuals with music and movie-making talents. Before now, movies were produced and sold in a disc to their target audience. Nowadays, there are different channels through which movie lovers can access their favorite movies.

One of these ways is the streaming of movies on Netflix. Netflix is a great movie streaming platform that offers movie lovers easy access to their favorite movies. The movie streaming company remains one of the leading movie streaming company in the world.Netflix has made its movie content easier to access. This is because of the introduction of a fully-functional and well-designed app.

With the use of the app, you don’t have to struggle with streaming your favorite movie on desktop alone. The mobile app got you covered on all Netflix features you wish to access. That said, the Netflix app or website requires you to have data and good internet services to be able to watch your favorite movies. However, these data come at a price.

Many users and potential Netflix users have a significant fear, which is the amount of their data that is consumed when they watch a movie on it. The data consumption issue is a big question that is begging for answers in the heart of users and potential users that may find it challenging to spend their hard-earned dollar on purchase of data. Therefore, today, I will be elucidating the amount of data you can use to watch a movie on Netflix.

Data Usage on Netflix

If you are a Netflix user that subscribe to an unlimited data plan for your mobile device, the amount charged by Netflix on watching a movie may border you less. However, for those that estimate and limit the amount of data used on each subscription plan, they need to have a detailed estimate of the amount of data used. This will help them strategize on how best they can manage their data.

How Much Data Does Netflix Use for a Movie?

The amount of data you use for a movie depends on the color depth, resolution format, and the average frame rate. Many a time, when you download a movie on Netflix, it takes almost the same bandwidth as when you save it locally on your mobile device. When your favorite movie contains little color depth and frame rate, you can enjoy a movie on Netflix with a lower amount of data consumed.

Even though Netflix claims that streaming videos with 4K resolution will consume up to 7GB, it does recommend a 25mbps network connection for movies with 4K format.

Netflix Estimate for Data Consumption For A Movie

Netflix is a well-organized movie company that caters to the data need of its users. The company has an official estimate for the amount of data you are expected to use for a movie. The estimate is highlighted in the table below.

ResolutionData EstimatedDuration
Low (480p)300MB1 hour
Medium (720p)700MB1 hour
High (1080p)3GB1 hour
4K with HDR7GB1 hour
4K without HDR7GB1 hour
Netflix Data Consumption Estimate

How To Control or Limit Your Data Usage for a Movie on Netflix

We all wish to enjoy watching a movie with an excellent resolution. How then can we achieve this aim considering the 7GB data estimated by Netflix? The streaming company is sensitive to this plight of its users. Hence, it has added some vital features whereby Android and ios Netflix app users can control the amount of data used to stream their favorite movies. These features are basically categorized into four. They include.

  1. Automatic
    The automatic mode is a setting that enjoys watching their favorite movie with a good video quality at a considerable amount of data. When you set your data charges to automatic, you can enjoy watching movies with good video quality for about four hours. Note that this may vary depending on the duration of the movie you desire to watch.
  1. Maximum Data
    If you desire to watch your favorite movie with the highest video quality on through the Netflix app, setting your data charges to Maximum Data is the best option for you. With the maximum data set, you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD video at an economical data rate.
  1. Save Data
    When you desire to save more data by sacrificing your pleasure of watching movies at the high video quality, the Save Data settings are the best you can choose. When you activate Save Data on your Netflix app, you can manage one gig worth of data to watch movies at a reduced quality for up to six hours.
  1. Wi-Fi Only
    The Wi-Fi Only setting allow users to stream movies on their devices only when their mobile devices are connected to the Wi-Fi. The method will allow you to manage your data for other purposes.

How To Control or Limit Your Data Usage for a Movie on Your Browser

Netflix has also provided users that stream movies on their browsers the opportunity to limit their data usage. The method of controlling their data usage is.

  1. Automatic
    When you adjust your data usage to automatic, you enjoy movies at the highest video quality. However, it this depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  1. Low
    When you set your data usage limit to low, you enjoy movies at the reduced video quality. Also, you only consume 0.3GB worth of data per hour.
  1. Medium
    This setting allows you to stream a movie at SD resolution. It also consumes about 700MB data per hour.
  1. High
    Setting your data consumption to high allows you to stream video at 4K Ultra Hd with data consumption of 7GB per hour. You can also stream video at 3GB per hour on HD resolution devices.

How To Adjust Data Consumption on Your Mobile Device and Browser

Adjusting data consumption on Netflix is easy and straightforward. You can adjust the data consumption on your mobile device and browser. The process involves the steps discussed in the table below.

S/NMobile DeviceWebsite
1Open the Netflix app on your mobile device.Sign in to your Netflix account.
2Go to the bottom of the app and tap app settings.Go to your account page and click the playback settings.
3Hit video playback setting, and you will be provided with four options.Choose between low, auto, medium, and high quality.
4Choose any of the four options, which include Wi-Fi Only, Maximum Data, Save Data, and Automatic (Default).The change made may not take effect instantly.
Data Consumption on Your Mobile Device and Browser

Netflix is vital for people that enjoy watching movies. Discussed here is detailed information on how you can manage your data usage. Please read through and follow them to enjoy streaming your favorite video.

Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash