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Do Android Boxes Come With a VPN

The continuous trend in the introduction of efficient streaming devices has led to people enjoying media content in their comfort zone. Android boxes have been manufactured to give homeowners and media contents lovers a fantastic streaming experience.

The device offers its users a lot of media content like the live TV show, movies, documentaries, and many more.

Despite its versatility when it comes to its streaming efficiency, it must be noted that the device can only work with the aid of an internet connection. Users of Android boxes must have a reliable internet connection to be able to stream their favorite video at high definition resolution.

While users are connected to the internet to stream their favorite content, their activity is sometimes at risk. Many a time, they are prevented from accessing a movie or show that is geo-selective. How then can you enjoy your favorite content safely and also unlock the geo-selectivity barrier?

To solve most problems associated with the use of an internet connection, you need a virtual private network (VPN). Therefore, today, I will be telling you the reason why you need a VPN and how to install it in your Android box.

Do Android Boxes Come With a VPN

Android boxes are excellent streaming devices that offer their users a fantastic streaming experience. It streams movies and shows in different resolution formats.

However, for users that love streaming their favorite movies or shows in 4K format, they need an excellent and stable internet connection. The introduction of 5G network services instills confidence in users of Android boxes in that they can get their TV shows and movies at high definition resolution.

Since the device needs an internet connection to perform its streaming function, it becomes susceptible to various internet challenges. This is because the Android box does not come with a VPN. Hence, there is a need to get a VPN installed into the device for internet security and other essential reasons.

Why Your Android Box Needs a VPN

VPN is a service through which you can access the internet on your Android box securely and privately. The VPN works like a local area network. However, it offers Android box users a lot of benefits when they install it on their Android boxes. The reasons why you need an Android box are

Unlock Geo Selectivity

One of the challenges encountered by users of Android boxes and other streaming devices is the fact that they are restricted from accessing some content because of their location.

Examples of these media companies include Comedy Central, iPlayer, BBC, and many more. This is because they connected their Android box to the internet via a local area network.

However, you can overcome this challenge easily and quickly. All you need to do is to get a VPN downloaded and installed in your Android box. With VPN in your device, you will be able to hide your location and get connected to the site via a proxy server of your desired country, thereby unlocking the restrictions

Prevent Throttling

How do you feel when you enjoy your favorite movie in 4K resolution without interruption in your internet speed? With a local area network service, there is a limit to your access to 4K video because your internet connection can be cut-off at any time.

However, you can enjoy video in HD or Ultra-HD quality with stable and excellent internet speed without any interruption when you connect to the internet with a VPN. With VPN, it becomes impossible for your internet service provider (ISP) to check whether to obfuscate your internet access based on traffic generated or not.


If you desire to maintain your privacy and access secured internet services while streaming movies and shows on your Android box, you can download and install a VPN in your device, VPN secures your internet activities from digital thieves and hackers.

This is because VPN has an end-to-end encryption feature. The end-to-end encryption feature secures all the content on the internet in a way that your command and messages are coded so that digital thieves and hackers find it difficult to understand.


When you install add-ons to Kodi applications, or you purchase a pre-loaded Kodi box, the add-ons are seen as illegal for people located in the European countries.

However, if you desire to prevent the illegality or its risks, you can download and install a VPN in your android box. The VPN will protect your activities by encrypting all the data you send through the internet.

How to Download and Install VPN in Your Android Box

Now that the reasons why you need a VPN in your Android box have been established, you need to know how you can download VPN in your Android box.

Different VPNs are available for download in the Android box Google play store. Whichever the VPN you choose, you can install it by following the step discussed below

  • Choose a VPN service and register for its services.
  • Switch on your SmartTV and go to the home screen.
  • Navigate to the Android box Google play store.
  • Enter the name of the VPN you wish to download in the search window. Then click the search icon
  • Once the VPN app appears in the search result, click on it so that you can download and install it on the Android box.
  • Now that you have installed the App in the device, go to the Apps in the Android box and check the installed VPN app.
  • Launch the app and enter the username and password you have previously created.
  • Now, you can start to enjoy all streaming services safely on your Android box.


Android box remains a streaming device that is second to none among various streaming devices. However, it only allows users to connect with local area network since it didn’t come with a VPN.

Discussed here are the reasons why you need a VPN and the steps you can follow to download and install it on your Android box. Do read and follow it so that you can enjoy the endless streaming of all media contents in the device.