How Much Do We Pay For Shipping?

Shipping is Free all across Canada & USA is $20.00

Do Android TV Boxes Work Worldwide?

Yes all our Android TV Boxes will work from anywhere in the world, all you need is internet.

What do I do if the Android TV Box is Buffering or Freezing?

There are two main reasons for this: 1.The stream that you are trying to connect to do not have enough bandwidth to deliver the stream adequately or 2.Your Internet or Wi-Fi connection is inadequate. The solution to point 1 is to simply stop the stream and select a different one. The solution to point 2 is to either upgrade your internet connection or start using an Ethernet (wired) connection instead of a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection.

Should I Use Wi-Fi or a Ethernet To Connect My Android TV Box?

In General, a wired (Ethernet or RJ45 Cable) is always best because a direct connection does not suffer from any interference that Wi-Fi connections are subjected to. The speed of a direct cable connection is always faster than a Wi-Fi connection. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider ) have located your broad band router in the same room as your TV then you can connect directly to your Box via a cable. If your Broadband router is in another room or even another floor then you can use Wi-Fi

What Internet Speed do I need for my Android TV Box?

For decent streaming quality you will require a minimum of 10 mbps and for HD content you will need at least 25 mbps. And you would at least 30gb data depending on how much you watch, more data is a safer bet to avoid extra internet charges.

Can I Use A Wireless Mouse or Keyboard on my Android TV Box?

Sure. You can plug a wireless or keyboard into your Android Tv Box all you do is plug your dongle into the usb port.Connecting a wireless mouse will really make the Android Tv Box more enjoyable it’s very responsive and flows much faster and much easier to select things then the remote. We also Carry the Rii Wireless Mouse Keyboard which i highly recommend for ease of use.

Do I need more then one Android TV Box?

You would need 1 Android Tv Box per Tv. So if you have 2 tv’s you would need 2 Android Tv Boxes etc.

Is The Android TV Box Portable?

The Android TV Box is totally portable you can bring it anywhere connects in few seconds.

You can use it in a dorm, cottage, vacations (hotels), friends house, family anywhere there’s a internet connection it will work.

What Payment Methods We Accept ?

We accept all credit cards

What currency are the prices?

Prices are in Canadian currency