How To Make Your Android TV Box Faster

So your Android TV Box has been running slow, and your wondering if there is anything you can do to speed it up, to how it was when it was new. Well I have good news, you can speed your TV box up easily. Let’s get started.

How To Make Your Android TV Box Faster in Minutes

If you have been using your TV Box for a while, then most likely your cache is full. The cache stores cookies and fragments of what you watched onto the TV Box, much like a phone or computer does. If this is not cleaned periodically, you will end up with a slow running TV Box.

To clean the cache the first thing you want to do is go to your Settings, Select Storage & Reset, now Select Internal Storage and Select Cache and Select Clean. it will now ask you if you would like to erase your Cache, select Yes.

Your Android TV Box should now be noticeably quicker.

The second step is cleaning your memory. This can sometimes help a little. Most TV Boxes come with a memory cleaner already installed. If your TV Box doesn’t have a memory cleaner , you can get one from the Google Playstore.

The third step would be to try removing some older apps that you are not using anymore or outdated apps. By removing apps from your TV Box, it will make it much faster. You should remove any of the Apps you don’t use anymore. Try keeping two or three apps for Movies and the same for your live TV. Less is better. You see the storage on Android TV boxes is small, and once it gets moderately full it will slow down considerably.

The fourth and final step will really speed up your TV Box. Go to your Settings and Select About. Now scroll down until you see Build. Click on Build seven times until it unlocks developer options, and you will now be in developer mode.

This will unlock your Developer Options. Now go back only one step with your TV Box remote, and look for Developer Options, it will be there. Select Developer Options and scroll down until you see Drawing. Look for Window Animation Scale, now click on it and change it to Animation Off or even Animation Scale .5x.

Next go back one step with the TV remote and select Transition Animation Scale and change the animation Scale to Off or even Animation Scale of .5x.

The last step is to change the Animator Duration Scale. Select it and change it to Animation Scale Off or Animation Scale of .5x.

Changing the Animation Scale on your TV box will cause a dramatic difference in performance. This will really speed your TV box up to as fast or faster then when you purchased it. There you have it, some great tips to get your TV Box up and running to speed. Try them out today.