android box not working

Android TV Box Not Streaming

Let me guess your Android TV Box stopped streaming and you just put it away and haven’t used it since. Has this happened to you? Well your not alone, because this is the most common problem everyone faces in time when owning an android box. Let’s talk about the most common problems with your tv box not streaming.

Check your Internet Connection

Unplug your Android TV Box and your Modem/Router for about 5 minutes , no less. Now plug them both back in at the same time. Allow them both to boot up, especially the modem/router, because they are usually pretty slow to boot up. On your Start-up screen look to see if your Wi-Fi is connected.

One way to check if it’s connected is by looking at the time. if the time is correct than you should be connected to your internet. Now check and see if it’s working, if not proceed to the next steps. If you are using Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, than I would suggest unplugging the cable from the modem/router, and then reinsert it again, and do the same for the other end that is plugged into the back of the tv box.

Check the Apps that you are Using

If your internet is fine, and you think it could be your apps then try the following steps. A common problem when using apps to stream is that sometimes they get updated and must go offline to do so, so if this happening to you, try changing the app you are using with something similar and see if it still does the same thing, Most of the time the apps are updated in a day or two, so use an alternative in the mean time.

Another possibility is the app you are streaming with may have gone down. This will happen from time to time, when using free apps. Again try changing Apps with something that is similar.

If you think the app is malfunctioning, try this trick. go to Settings, select Apps, Select the App that is giving you problems, and now select Force Stop. This will stop an app from going haywire. This can solve alot of issues with the app.

Try re-installing the app that is giving you problems, maybe this is all you needed to solve your no streaming issues

Check your TV Boxes Age

With the way technology changes so frequently, android boxes need to upgraded every few years. You see your TV Box can work fine for a long time, but the problem is that Android TV Box apps are always being updated. If an app has been updated recently and you own an older TV Box, like 3 years old, than it could be that the TV Box operating system is too old for the updated app.

Most of the apps work with a minimum Android operating system of 5.1. So if you have anything 4.42 or below, it’s just too old, and you need something newer. You could try updating, your firmware, but that is way to hard for the novice and usually with inexperience you will brick your Android Box, making it virtually useless after that.

Choose a new Streaming Link

If your android tv box is not streaming. Sometimes it can be something as easy as trying a new link. Links get taken down all the time, and you could be choosing an older one, so try changing to something else, and see if that helps.

Check your WiFi Speed

Your Wi-Fi speed could be slow, causing your android box to not stream. Minimum you need for streaming is 5 mbps. There are many ways you can check your speed online with, and with apps such as Ookla and many more.

Check your HDMI Cable

Many times it can be your HDMI cable. It could be damaged,try to wiggle it see if the picture comes back. try re-inserting the cable on the TV Box and on the TV end. If that doesn’t work try changing the port to HDMI 2, 3 or 4, . The next thing you can do is go to a computer store and purchase a new HDMI cable for under 10 bucks, depending on the length you need.

Check your Power Cable

Your power cable could be faulty, or it can even have cut, causing your Android TV Box not to stream good. Try changing the cable, or tape it up for a quick fix .But make sure you get a new one, as soon as you can, so it doesn’t happen again

Reset your TV Box

You can reset your TV box. Resetting your TV box will cause all your apps to erase, except the factory pre-installed apps. By doing this , you will need to re-install the apps again, this can possibly fix your issues.

To reset your TV Box do this. go to Settings, now select Storage and Reset, and then select Reset. It will ask you if you would like to reset the TV box, and that it will erase everything. Click yes, and wait for the TV box to do it’s reset procedure.

Once it’s done, you can go forward by re-installing the apps you were using to stream. you can get these apps from Filelinked, Google Playstore, etc.

There you have it. So whenever your having issues with your TV Box not streaming, try out one of these techniques. I’m sure one of them will get your box going. If none of these techniques work, then you will most likely need a new TV Box. if your looking for something new, check out these.