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How to Fix an Android Box that is Not Working

How to Fix an Android Box that is Not Working

Having problems with your android tv box can be frustrating as hell. Today i will give you the best steps to take, to get your android box working in no time at all. If after these steps your android box still doesn’t work, I’m afraid to say you will probably have to start looking for a new one.

Please note if your android tv box is older than 3 years old, or has a 4.42 Android operating system , it is most likely that the newer streaming apps will not work. Most of the newer streaming apps require a minimum of 5.1 android operating system to run.

How to Fix an Android Box that is Not Working

Follow the Steps Below:

Checking the Power Sources of your Android Box

Checking Power Source Sometimes users begin to stress when the TV box isn’t turning on. It could be a number of things, but there are ways to get the box to run again. First thing to do is, if your using a power bar remove it and plug it directly into the wall. Next check and see if your power cable is faulty, it may have a small cut on any one of the ends, if so replace it with another 5volt 2amp plug.

Checking the Internet Connection

This problem can be due to several reasons such as the distance of the router as well as its functionality, or it could be because of the Internet speed. If you suspect that it is because of the latter, then it is best to check it.

This can be done by running the Speed Test . Usually your Android Box will have a Speed Test app installed in your Apps folder, but if it doesn’t I would recommend you to go to, you can check your connection online without installing anything onto your box. Ideally, one should have 10 -25 Mbps download speed. If the Internet speed is slow, then the cache can be cleared to improve it. Android TV boxes vary, but as a guide, here are the steps on the way to clear the cache.

First is to click on the settings tab and look for more settings. Then from the list, click on the apps. Clear the cache on the apps by choosing and clicking the clear cache. If you want o clear the cache on all the apps at once, go to settings, and select storage and reset, now select internal storage and select cache. Once you select cache it will ask you to clean, you answer yes.

If on the other hand, you suspect that the router could be the reason for the slowness of loading the movies, then start by unplugging the router for at least 5 minutes. One must also unplug the Android TV box and the router at the same time.

You may want to reconsider the placement of these two items, as placing them close to each other will result in getting the best Internet connection. Meanwhile, if the web connection is indeed slower than what you’ve got signed up for together with your Internet provider, then give them a call. It is possible that there is some signal disruption in the area that is causing the slow Internet connection, which the provider does not know. It could also be that the router is the one that is causing the problem. Check whether it is working correctly or not.

Factory Reset your Android Box

Many times your problems will be solved just by doing a factory reset. Overtime your Android Box will slow down, similiar to a computer. Some memory is always stored in your unit and will slow it down over use and same with having a ton of apps or apks installed on your android box. A factory reset takes all the surplus data stored and brings back the device to its original factory settings.

This is the way to do a hard factory reset on your TV box, you will need a toothpick for this procedure. With the Android box unplugged from the wall, use a toothpick to poke inside the SPDIF or the AV port that’s found at the back of the android box. It will be a little awkward at first but you should would feel the tiny button using the toothpick. Press the button gently with the assistance of the toothpick until it’s depressed.

Continue pressing the button down with the toothpick and plug the android box back into the wall while your pressing the toothpick in, and wait until the brand logo appears on the screen. The button must be released when the brand logo disappears.

Two things can happen. First, the box will attend the startup mode, or the user will see a screen asking how the device should be booted. If the primary option appears, then just continue with the startup mode. When the menu appears, choose the factory reset option using your mouse or remote. Now select the delete all user data option. Just await the device to finish deleting all user data then choose reboot device.

The TV box will take a couple of minutes to restart, but after it does, then the user can already start installing all the streaming apps you need . For more Android TV Box troubleshooting tips check out our blog section on the website.

Bad HDMI Cable

Sometimes your android box will have the blue light lite up in the front, but won’t show no video. In that case you should check the HDMI cable. Try reinserting it on both ends and try again. If that doesn’t work, try changing HDMI ports on the back of your TV. Lastly, you may have to go buy yourself a new HDMI Cable.

Not Powering your Android TV Box off Properly

If you tend to leave your android box on night after night without powering it off, you may find a black screen when you decide to come back to it the next day. Your best bet is to unplug it from the wall, and plug it back in. This will usually correct the issue .\

Streaming Apps not Working

Overtime you will find that some free streaming apps such as Catmouse, Megabox, Cinema HD, BEE TV, Tea TV, FreeFlix HQ etc. do not work anymore. The solution to this, is to download and install the newest version of the app. Make sure you uninstall the old app or the new version will not install on top.