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Do Android Boxes Come With Netflix Installed

Recently, the movie and show streaming world have been attracting considerable attention owing to the fantastic experience of previous users of the Android mobile devices. Before now, Android devices created an impression that the media content from the entertainment industry can be delivered to their lovers seamlessly.

The development of various mobile apps and excellent internet facilities further boost the confidence of Android users to spend their dollar on streaming media content on their devices.

The general acceptance and satisfaction derived from the use of Android devices to streaming media content from the streaming company’s mobile app led to the introduction of an Android-powered device known as the Android box.

With the introduction of an Android box, movies, and shows, enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite channel at their convenience. The streaming companies have also stepped up their games by designing functioning apps that can work efficiently with the device.

That said, there are lots of streaming companies that have their apps available in the Google play store for easy downloading and installation into the Android boxes. One of the streaming companies is Netflix.

With their presence in the Android box Google play store, they can retain and attract more users to themselves. Therefore, today, I will be explaining to you how you can have Netflix on your Android box.


Today, the trending channel through which the more significant percentage of the world populace watch their favorite shows and movie is through the streaming companies. Netflix is a famous streaming company that has been in existence for almost a decade and has been providing outstanding video and show streaming to its users worldwide.

The streaming services of Netflix covers more than 190 countries in the world. Netflix offers its users award-winning movies, TV shows, documentaries, and many other exciting media contents. The streaming company has got a lot of features that give its users a fantastic streaming experience.

These features include their ability to pause, play, and resume their favorite show or movie. Also, they are not disturbed with ads display when they stream their favorite content. Netflix offers streaming services at affordable prices. With all these exciting services you can get from Netflix, its presence in your Android box is a must.

Android Box

Thanks to technology, a lot of people that struggle to cope when bored can now overcome their loneliness owing to the introduction of various streaming devices. One of which is the Android box.

An Android box is a streaming device through which entertainment enthusiasts and homeowners can have a better experience streaming their favorite movies, games, live channels, TV shows, and many more.

Elucidating the word “Android box,” Android is a general and technical word that technology experts use in describing operating systems that serves useful purposes on a device. Also, the word “box” describes the way the component of the devices is packaged.

Hence, the Android box is an entertainment box that houses a lot of digital entertainment companies. Internet service is vital if a user wishes to enjoy the streaming services of the device at a high definition resolution of 4K.

However, the introduction of the 5G network services has catered to the internet needs of users of the Android box. The device has a lot of applications of various streaming services that can be accessed easily by downloading and installing them.

These give its users a great experience when they purchase it with the aim of overhauling of the entertainment system of their home.

Do Android Boxes have Netflix

Netflix has established itself to become a vital streaming company such that its service irresistible on all streaming devices. On the Android box, the Netflix app is also present for its users to continue enjoying its services. However, Netflix does come preloaded on some devices. If it does not, you will need to download it on your Android box manually.

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How to install Netflix on your Android Box

The process of installing the Netflix streaming app on your Android box is easy and straightforward. It can be done in two ways. However, the choice of the two methods depends on the kind of Android box you use. The methods are discussed below

Download and Install from Google Play Store

Since the Android operating system powers the Android box, you can download the Netflix app from the Android box Google play store. The steps are

Open Google Play Store

The first step to download Netflix on your Android box device is to open the Android box Google play store.

Search for Netflix

After you have open the Android Google play store, you can type Netflix in the search window and tap the search button. After this, you will see Netflix in the search result.

Install Netflix

Once Netflix has appeared in your search result, tap the Netflix app to download and install it on your Android box. By doing these, you will have Netflix installed on your Android box device.

Launch Netflix

After installing the Netflix app on your Android box, launch the app, and enter your log in details to gain access to its features. If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can signup on the app.

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Sideloading Netflix APK

The sideloading method may be challenging for people that do not have primary knowledge of how to do it. It is an alternative that people that don’t have Netflix in the Google play store, non-compatibility with your Android box, or if you cannot access Google play store on the device.

To install Netflix in your Android box via this method, you need to follow the steps discussed below.

  • Go to Settings

Since the app is coming from an unknown source, you need to go to the setting. Then navigate to security and tab the enable “unknown source.”

  • Download Netflix App

Go to your browser and download the Netflix app for Android APK.

  • Open the App and Install

Once the Netflix app has been downloaded, you can open it with the Android box file manager. Then, install it. Also, accept prompts that request to install Kodi on the Android box.

  • Open the App

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app and enter your login details.


The table below summarizes the steps to install Netflix on your Android box

S/NGoogle Play StoreSideloading
1Open Google Play StoreGo to Settings
2Search for NetflixDownload Netflix App
3Install NetflixOpen the App and Install
4Launch NetflixOpen the App


Android boxes are a fantastic streaming device that is fast gaining acceptance among homeowners. Netflix is a streaming app you can install on the device. Discussed here are details of how you can have Netflix on your Android box. Read through it and enjoy your favorite movie and TV shows.