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Can You Watch Disney Plus on an Android Box

Nowadays, the entertainment industry continues to receive a significant boost with the introduction of various streaming channels. However, the thing seems to have changed with the designing of a mobile app for different streaming outfits. With the mobile app, you can stream media content from any location and at your convenience.

Beyond the introduction of mobile apps for smartphones and mobile devices, TV box has also been introduced to cater to the need of people that have previously enjoyed streaming on smartphones and mobile devices. An example of the TV box is the Android box. The Android box works with the same principle as a typical android device.

On the Android box, you can download and install a lot of apps effortlessly. One of the apps you can download on the Android box is Disney Plus. Many Android box users have continued to ask a General question of whether they can use the Android box to watch Disney Plus. Today, I will answer the question by telling you how you can watch Disney Plus on your Android box device.

What is Android Box

An Android box is a TV box that runs on the Android operating system. The device runs on the same operating system as what you have on your tablet, smartphones, and other Android-powered mobile devices.

Though the operating system of the Android box may be older than that of your mobile devices, the Android box supports almost all the apps that run on Android-powered mobile devices.

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What is Disney Plus

Disney Plus is an online subscription-based entertainment hub that is used to stream media content. Disney Plus was launched in 2019 and rely on the technology used by the Disney Streaming Service. The video streaming platform has gained widespread acceptance in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and European countries.

When you download the Disney Plus app on your Android box or mobile device, you can stream movies and shows. The movies you can stream on Disney Plus like Star Wars. You can also stream friendly animations on Disney Plus.

Disney Plus Android Box Features

Disney Plus is a movie and shows a streaming platform that supports Android devices. It also supports the Android box because it runs on the Android operating system.

When you download and install Disney Plus on your Android box, you can stream videos of about seven profiles and hundreds of avatars at 4K resolution. Disney Plus has introduced more than 25 new movie series, 400 library titles, over 7500 past episodes, and 100 recent movies.

What You Must Have To Watch Disney Plus on an Android Box

Before you start streaming movies and shows on Disney Plus with the Android box, you must know the all you must put in place to enjoy the complete features of the movie streaming platform. These include

Excellent Internet Speed

Excellent internet speed is important to users that desire to enjoy streaming movies with their devices. When you wish to stream video on your Android box, you need an internet service that runs on excellent speed.

At least, your internet connection should run at 5Mbps for HD quality and 25Mbps for 4K resolution. This will make you have a splendid streaming experience on the Android box.

Android Operating System

The Android box must run on an Android operating system for you to get Disney Plus downloaded, installed, and fully functional on the device.

Display Setting

If you desire to stream Disney Plus content on a display device through the Android box, you need a good HDMI cable that supports high-bandwidth content. You can also stream Disney Plus content on an external display device at 4K resolution. All you need to do is to connect the Android box to the display device with High-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP 2.2).

How You Can Watch Disney Plus on an Android Box

If you desire to watch Disney Plus on your Android box, there are some important steps you must take so that you can have a fantastic stream experience. These steps are

Download the Disney Plus App

The first step you must take is to download and install Disney Plus on your Android box. The Disney Plus app is available for download on the Android box Google play store at no cost. You can do this by tapping the Google play store icon on the Android box, search for Disney Plus app, and click on the install icon. By doing these, you will have the Disney Plus on your Android box.

Create a Disney Plus Account

After you have downloaded and install the Disney plus app on your Android box device, the next step you need to take is to create your Disney Plus account on the app. However, if you have gotten a Disney Plus account, you don’t need to create another account.

Subscribe to a Plan

After you have created an account on the Disney Plus app, you can subscribe to a plan to be able to stream media content on the app. The pricing system starts from $6.99 monthly and $69.99 for a year. However, the pricing system depends on the country where you reside.


The table below summarizes the pricing system for Disney Plus subscription for various countries that uses the app.

CountryMonthly Pricing SystemYearly Pricing System
CanadaCA $8.99CA $89.99
AustraliaAUD $8.99AUD $8.99
New ZealandNZD $9.99NZD $99.99
IndiaRs 299Rs 1499
European Countries6.9969.99

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Disney vault has continued to thrill its users with exciting media content ranging from movies to shows. The streaming platform has proven to be one of the relevant streaming services in the world with its compatibility with various devices. It has also presented its users all over the world with an affordable subscription plan.

Discussed here are all you need to know about Android box, Disney Plus, and how you can watch Disney Plus on your Android box. This content will be helpful to you when you desire to watch Disney plus on your Android box seamlessly.

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