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How To Set the Time on an Android TV Box

Are you trying to figure out, how to change your date and time on your Android TV Box. It’s actually very easy to do and should take you less than a minute to correct. It’s very important to have the proper time set, so that when you watch tv shows your getting the latest streams for your area. So make sure you correct this as soon as possible.

How To Set the Time on an Android TV Box

  • Turn on your TV Box
  • Select Settings
  • Select More Settings
  • Select Date and Time
  • Uncheck Automatic Date and Time box
  • Select Time Zone
  • Look for your Time Zone and Select it
  • Your Date and Time will now change to the correct time
  • Now Check the Automatic Date and Time box, so that it updates the time automatically
  • Your Date and Time are now setup.
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