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How to Download Apps on an Android TV Box

As days go by, the technology world continues to advance with the introduction of fantastic devices that can serve different purposes. Many devices have been manufactured to cater to the entertainment needs of people in various continents of the world. An example of these devices is the Android TV box.

An Android TV box is a device that runs on the Android operating system and can be used to convert your TV to a Smart TV. The device is excellent and fantastic for its ability to stream media content from various streaming companies. The streaming companies which formerly offer streaming services to its users through browsers have taken a step further to develop apps that are compatible with the Android box operating system.

The development of the functioning apps gave a clear indication that the streaming companies were prepared for the current trend in the entertainment world. That said, the presence of apps in the Android TV box is inevitable. Hence, there is a need to learn how you can download them when you purchase or you desire to download your favorite app in the device. Therefore, today, I will be telling you how you can download apps on your Android TV box.

Apps and Android TV Box

Nowadays, virtually all mobile devices need the download and installation of apps before their owners can enjoy their functionalities. The use of apps has also extended to devices like Android TV box. The Android TV box relies on the use of apps before they can perform their exclusive functions. Most of the apps that are available on the Android TV box are for streaming, browsing, social media, and other vital purposes.

Though they rely on the availability of reliable internet services, each app in the Android TV box performs various unique functions because each streaming and social media companies develop them. Therefore, before you purchase your Android TV box, you should have a list of the preferred apps you desire to install on it.

Uses of Apps on an Android TV Box

As said earlier, apps are designed for download and installation to perform a specific function. The uses of the apps are discussed below

1.Used to Stream Media Content

One of the primary objectives of purchasing an Android TV box is to stream media content like movies, documentaries, live TV shows, and many more. For you to access all these contents on the Android TV box, you need to download apps. Different streaming companies offer various streaming services.

For instance, you can watch your favorite movies from Netflix and YouTube on the Android TV box through their apps. The apps have all the essential features you will access when you stream via browsers. For instance, when you stream with the youtube app, it allows you to choose the video quality with which you want.

This gesture is aimed at helping you manage your data consumption. However, people that have an unlimited data plan and Wi-Fi can afford to stream video at HD and Ultra-HD quality.

2. Used for Browsing

Surfing the internet has become a habit to a lot of individuals today. While some users are aware of the use of the Android TV box to surf the internet, others have little knowledge about this function. Since Android TV box runs on the Android operating system, various browsing apps can be downloaded and installed on it.

Also, the fact that it can be connected to the internet makes it an excellent device that can be used to access the internet. Apart from accessing your favorite websites with an Android TV box, you can also access your social media accounts on the device. This is because the apps for most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are available for download on the device.

They are efficient and performs excellently on the Android TV box. When you use the Android TV box to access the internet, the experience you get is not different from what you have when you surf the internet on your PC. All that is required is an excellent internet connection.

3. Used for Internet Security

Security is essential to all devices that are used to access the internet. On the Android TV box, various apps can be used to protect the device from malicious attacks, hackers, digital thieves, and viruses. Most of these apps provide end-to-end encryption, which is one of the best modes of securing data sent on the internet. They also block cyber threats that can attempt encroaching the Android TV box while it is connected to the internet.

How to Download Apps on an Android TV Box

The process of downloading apps in the Android TV box is simple and straightforward. It involves two methods. The steps involved in the first method are discussed below.

  • Google Play Store Method
  1. Open the Android TV box and navigate to the Android TV box Google play store.
  2. The play store will request for your Google account. If you have one, you can log in with it. However, if you don’t have a Google account, you will be required to create an account.
  3. Once you have to access the play store, you can enter the name of the app you desire to download in the search window. Then tap the search icon.
  4. Once you see the app in the search result, you can download and install it in the Android TV box.
    Sideload Method
    Sideloading method allows you to access geo-restricted apps, restricted by device, and apps that are not available in the Android TV box.
  5. Download the file manager on the Android TV box.
  6. Go to setting, navigate to security, and choose to enable unknown sources.
  7. Next, download the file you wish to sideload and install it from the file manager.
  8. Once the file is installed, it is ready for use.


Android TV box is a fantastic app that works when apps are installed in it. Discussed here are the reasons and the method through which you can download your favorite apps. Kindly read through and download your favorite apps safely and comfortably.