How to Connect Android TV Box to Hotel WiFi

How to Connect Android TV Box to Hotel WiFi

How to Connect Android TV Box to Hotel WiFi

➤ Plug your TV Box into the Hotel TV with your HDMI cable and power cord.

➤ Remember which input you plugged your HDMI cable into

➤ Turn on the hotel TV on, and with the TV remote Select Source

➤ With the TV remote select the HDMI port you inserted the cable into (Ex. HDMI 1-2-3 etc.)

➤ Now you will see your TV Box startup screen on the hotel TV

➤ With your Android TV Box remote select Settings

➤ Select Connections

➤ Select WiFi and make sure your WiFi is on

➤ Now select the hotel’s WiFi name

➤ Select Connect. Wait for it to connect.

➤ Now open up your Chrome browser or any browser that your TV Box has.

➤ As soon as you open up your browser, you will be taken to the hotel login page

➤ Where you will now login with the details that were given to you at the front desk.

➤ Once that is done, you can watch TV.

Is Hotel WiFi good enough for Gaming

Gaming on a hotel WiFi will most likely not work well. The WiFi speeds are to slow and fluctuate to much.

It will cause you more anger then anything due to the buffering.

If you would like a seamless video gaming experienceI would recommend no less then 15 to 20 mbps speed

Movie Streaming Apps that work on Hotel WiFi

If you are looking to stream some movies while you stay in your hotel room, I would recommend the following Apps.

➤ Sony Crackle

➤ Tubi TV


➤ Netflix

➤ CatMouse

➤ MegaBox

➤ Freeflix TV

➤ Tea TV

Live TV / IPTV Streaming Apps that work on Hotel WiFi

These are some nice apps to watch Live TV channels with your Android TV Box.

➤ Pluto TV

➤ TV Tap

➤ Mobdro

➤ Live Lounge

➤ LiveNet TV

➤ Swift Streams

Go through each of the apps listed, and see which one is right for you. With the Live TV apps listed you will be able to watch global channels such as news events, Sports, TV Shows, Movies and much more. They are all free to use.

The Best Movie Apps to use for slow Hotel WiFi

If you are suffering from a slow WiFi speed in your hotel room use these apps for Movies.

➤ CatMouse

➤ Sony Crackle

➤ Tubi TV

➤ NetFlix

The Best Live TV apps to use for slow Hotel WiFi


➤ LiveNet TV

➤ Pluto

➤ Mobdro

The Best Apps to use for Live Sports Events

Never miss a sporting event with these apps.

Watch Fights, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Rubby etc.


➤ LiveNet TV

➤ Live Lounge

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