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How To Allow Unknown Sources on an Android TV Box

Has this happened to you? You try to install an app onto your Android Box from a 3rd party source, and then it says unable to install because this app can be dangerous to your system. Well it’s because your Android Box unknown sources has been enabled. Most TV Boxes come with this option enabled when you purchase it.

In order to disable the unknown sources on your TV Box, follow the instructions below. This should take no longer then 1 minute to do. Once you do this you can install all the apps you like onto your box. You do not have to enable it every time you try to install something, it will remain like that until you change it back to how it was originally.

Sometimes you can also receive a message from Google called Play Protect. When this happens and your getting this message, just Select the dropdown arrow, that is in the box and Select Install Anyway. Your app can now be Installed. I would recommend you install a nice free anti- virus that is made for ANDROID.

This is very important to do when installing 3rd party apps, because you don’t know if they are coming from legitimate sources or not, and can wreck havoc on your system, causing you to have your TV Box reset and reprogrammed again, and that’s just for not installing something that takes you literally 2 minutes to do. You can find an anti-virus in Google Playstore. I recommend AVG for Android or Avast for Android as an antivirus.

  • Select Settings on your Android TV Box
  • Select More Settings
  • Scroll to Personal Section
  • Select Security
  • Scroll to Device Administration Section
  • Select and Check the Unknown Sources box
  • It will ask you if that’s what you want to do, Now Select Yes
  • You can now Install your App

Featured Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash