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What are the Best Add ons for Kodi

Do you like to watch TV using Kodi. Are you wondering which are the best add-ons to use for Movies,TV shows and Live TV? Well today we will giving you our list of the best add-ons to use when watching TV with Kodi. The add-ons that you see listed all work at the time of writing this. I suggest you go through and install each one seperately, to determine if the add-on is what you were looking for. If the Kodi add-on is not for you, just uninstall it, and go and try the next add-on until you find it. I would recommend not to install just a few add-ons, because it will slow down your TV box considerably, if you load it up. Now let’s get on with the list.

What are the Best Add ons for Kodi

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