internet modem

Do Android Boxes Need Internet

One of the ways through which technology can thrive and progress is the use of the internet. The majority of the devices that are in use today require internet services before their users can enjoy their full functionalities. These devices include smartphones, PC, Android boxes, and many more. Without internet services, the Android box cannot

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TX3 Mini Android TV Box

Do Android Boxes Need Updating

Since their introduction to the benefit of humanity, technology devices need consistent monitoring, adequate security, and regular updates. Most smartphone and PC users are fully aware of the importance of updating their devices. For instance, when you update your mobile device, the device will be safe from attack from the latest virus and malware. It

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turning on VPN

Do Android Boxes Come With a VPN

The continuous trend in the introduction of efficient streaming devices has led to people enjoying media content in their comfort zone. Android boxes have been manufactured to give homeowners and media contents lovers a fantastic streaming experience. The device offers its users a lot of media content like the live TV show, movies, documentaries, and

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watching Netflix

How Much Data Does a Netflix Movie Use

Over the years, the entertainment industry has gained global recognition. The industry comprises of individuals with music and movie-making talents. Before now, movies were produced and sold in a disc to their target audience. Nowadays, there are different channels through which movie lovers can access their favorite movies. One of these ways is the streaming

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