The Powerful X96 Mini Android TV Box Review

If you are planning to buy the latest technological innovation called X96 Android Box, then here are some important points that you need to consider before you make the final decision. We have been using this Box in our house for more than a year now and we feel it has served us very well. We have managed to save money on internet service and enjoy watching TV channels and movies without any problems at all.

X96 Android BoxTotal Entertainment Center

This Android Box offers you the most comprehensive entertainment with an integrated processor and built-in memory that can play most of the high-definition and high-speed Android media player. It also provides you with full multimedia support and many features like music player, picture viewer, TV channels, videos, etc. You will be able to watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV series while playing your favorite Android games. Furthermore, it also gets you nearer to the true reality by letting you see live HDTV news and sports channels.

Plug & Play

On the other hand, the X96 Android Box is also an ideal choice for your family entertainment by providing you with the best option for viewing live TV channels or play games. You can also connect to a high-speed Internet connection through which you can browse through your favorite websites and take maximum benefit of Google Android games. Moreover, the Box also allows you to transfer your favorite movies to your portable player. All these things make X96 Android Box one of the most sought after technology gadgets today. And for those who are searching for a box that can provide a more advanced entertainment experience, the X96 box seems to be the right choice for them.

Watch Live TV, Movies, TV Shows

As we mentioned earlier, the X96 Android Box is actually designed for you to watch live TV on your TV, get connected to a high-speed Internet connection, and use your mobile devices in different ways. With its easy to set up and use features, this Box does not need a complicated installation process. You can simply plug in the TV set to connect it to the X96 Box set-top box, and then start enjoying the live TV on your television. In addition, you can also enjoy playing your favorite Android games while watching your favorite TV programs.

Decodes All Formats

The X96 box is capable of decoding all the formats of Android TV, such as Android Live TV, Aereo, and Air Player. So even if you are watching a live HDTV stream on your PC, you can also enjoy watching them on the TV.

High Definition Playback

We have been very pleased with the way X96 TV boxes handle when it comes to streaming high definition content from the Android TV. since it allows you to view your favorite channels in high definition. without any buffering, dropouts, slow playback, or lag. And also you can get the same quality picture and sound with the help of the HDMI input and output ports.

However, there are a number of advantages when you are buying an X96 box. One of them is the fact that this box gives you a wide range of connectivity options from the TV’s HDMI to USB. This way, you can easily switch between your TV, computer, and portable player while watching your favorite TV channel.


We have tried this Box for a very long time and we are very happy with its performance. The prices of these Boxes have been kept low so that every user can easily afford it. and enjoy watching their favorite shows and movies on the big screen. So, we would say that the X96 box is a good buy. If you’re interested in purchasing this TV Box, you can find the best price for it here.