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What is an Android TV Box?

What is an Android TV Box

An Android TV Box is either a dongle or portable set-top box that plugs into your TV. You can also use this box to watch video-on-demand videos, video channels, network TV programs, and online video websites. What is the difference between an Android TV Box and an Android TV Stick?

In a way, these two devices are very similar. Both are capable of playing video and audio on the television via an HDMI cable. They also allow you to connect them to a wireless network. But there are some differences.

Internet Connectivity

Android TV Boxes allows you to easily connect to the Internet using their free application. They come with built-in Wifi capabilities. The Android television software will allow you to browse TV networks, watch live TV streams, and schedule programs. You can also access channels from the Android Box’s remote control. They also allow you to store and watch videos and pictures on the internet.

Storage Capacity

Unlike the Android Box, the Android TV Stick does not have a hard drive with unlimited storage capacity. It also allows you to browse TV networks, watch live TV streams, and record TV shows and movies. The Android Box however has only an SD card and a USB port for data transfers.

Price Comparison

The price of both is related. An android TV Box costs about $100 and an android TV Stick is about $60. However, the Stick does not have a hard drive, hence it requires an external hard drive for the storage of video and music files.


An Android Box has the advantage that it plugs directly into your TV. This allows you to have control over your video playback and enables you to watch your favorite shows when you want to. Whereas, the TV Stick is a portable gadget that plugs to your TV using your USB cable or Wi-Fi network and is then plugged into the USB port of the TV. However, it cannot be used to watch TV network streams. Both of these devices are equipped with Google’s Android operating system. 

Android TV Box Remote Control

Another feature of this gadget is the remote control which allows you to control your TV from anywhere. On the other hand, Android TV Stick has built-in remotes that enable you to control your TV from just one place. There are also Bluetooth remotes that enable you to switch channels on your TV easily using your phone, wireless keyboard, or a wireless mouse.

Watch TV Easy

Another advantage of the Android Box is the software applications provided by the manufacturer that enables you to access your favorite network TV programs and stream live TV streams on the internet. The Android TV Box can also be used as a webcam as it has an IP camera built into it. 

The Android Box is the only choice for people who want to watch live TV, Movies, and TV Shows on the internet.  It is also very portable as it can be used anywhere and can be kept in your pocket or in your purse. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer the Box to the Stick.

Android TV Box Features

There are a lot of different Android TV Boxes out there in the market  If you want to get an authentic experience while you are watching your favorite shows or downloading your favorite apps, then this type of device can make the task very simple.

Android TV Box Features

The most basic feature of your Android TV Box is the ability to download applications that you want to use. Plugging the box into your TV is easy, all you have to do is connect the box into the HDMI port, attach the Wi-Fi hotspot in your house, and then download all of your favorite applications. Once the device is set up, you’ll be able to watch videos, games, movies, and play music right away.

Download & Install Apps

Another feature of the Android TV Box is the ability to download Apps for free. For many people, the Android Box is the easiest way to access their favorite apps because it gives them total control over the device. They can also record a full show or playback multiple times to get the perfect performance.

In addition to giving you total control over your favorite shows, movies, games, and apps, the Android Box can also give you access to the Internet. The device will allow you to access YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Buzz, YouTube Music, Google News, Pandora, MySpace, eBooks, Wikipedia, and more. To get started, plug your TV Box into the HDMI port of your television, and you will be on your way to having the ultimate viewing experience.

Total Entertainment

The Android TV Box is also designed to provide users with a great entertaining experience. With an Android app, you can access your favorite TV Movie sites such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube, and others. The media player can easily be launched from the Android TV box and players are easily customizable to match the look and feel of your TV screen.

Play Games

If you like games, you can also download apps that will allow you to play them directly on your television via the Android TV Box. The Android box can easily be connected to your home network and will act as a personal computer.


As you can see, the features of the Android Box are endless. The Android Box can offer more than enough options that will satisfy even the most demanding of users. It has tons of entertainment for both newbies and experts.