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Do Android Boxes Need Updating

Since their introduction to the benefit of humanity, technology devices need consistent monitoring, adequate security, and regular updates. Most smartphone and PC users are fully aware of the importance of updating their devices. For instance, when you update your mobile device, the device will be safe from attack from the latest virus and malware.

It also removes bugs, adds new features to the device, and protects data. Just as the smartphone and PC are updated for better working efficiency, the Android box is also updated to increase its versatility and prevent it from potential threats and attacks when connected to the internet. Also, updating the Android box enable you to access its new features.

Apart from updating the Android box, you need to update the Kodi app consistently. Updating the Kodi app gives you increased access to new features added to it. The benefits derived from prompt updating the Android box necessitates the need to discuss methods of updating it. Therefore, today, I will be telling you all you need to know about updating your Android boxes.

Updating Android Boxes

The Android box has evolved to become a device that is widely used in various homes. All manufacturers of the device have given the chances of updating the app regularly. This they have done to ensure its security architecture remains strengthened.

Also, the updates allow you to enjoy new features introduced to enhance the streaming experience of Android box users. That said, there are different ways through which you can update your Android boxes. These methods are safe and efficient. The methods include the following

Updating With the Use of OTA

Many a time, manufacturers of Android box release updates via the OTA method. Once the update is released, a notification will be displayed and indicate that a new update has been released and is available for download on the Android box.

Updating your Android box with this method is the safest since the device will automatically search for the current and correct version of malware for downloading and installing.

Also, updating your Android box with the use of OTA doesn’t need you to backup-you will need to maintain for you to have the new version. The steps involved in updating your Android device with the use of OTA are discussed below

Stable Connection

Updating your Android box with the use of OTA requires a stable and robust internet connection. It also consumes a lot of data. Hence, you need Wi-Fi to run the update and complete it successfully.

Go to Setting

Once you are sure that your internet connection is stable and reliable, launch the setting option of the Android box and navigate the setting interface to locate the “About device” icon. Then click on it.

Go to Software Update

After clicking on the About device icon, you will be provided with various options. Choose System firmware update or software update option.

Click on Update Options

The update option displayed on the device is specific to your device model. Hence, any device will restrict the update shown in them to the device model.


After you have click on the update option, you can install any available update that appears on the device. The updates are installed on your Android box. After the updates have been installed, you will need to reboot the device so that the cache can be cleaned.

Updating Using Downloaded Firmware

All Android box has been manufactured with particular software and malware. Therefore, you must find the right firmware that can correctly work with your Android box. If not done, the Android box will become useless. Hence, the steps involved in updating your Android box with the use of downloaded firmware are discussed below

Download the Latest Firmware

Since the manufacturer has made a specific firmware to be a perfect fit for an Android box, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest firmware released for the model number of your Android box.

Save and Transfer the Downloaded Firmware

After the firmware has been downloaded on your PC, smartphone, or other devices, you can copy it in a USB external memory disk.

Go to Settings

Now that you have copied the firmware on the external memory disk, you need to plug the memory disk on the Android box. Then navigate to settings, go to system, and choose system upgrade.

Select the USB Drive as the source of the file you want to install.


Once the USB drive is selected as the source of the file, the Android box will choose the firmware file and start the update immediately. The update will take just a few minutes to become successful.


Now that the update is successful, you will need to restart the Android box. Then you will start enjoying the device at a new working efficiency and better performance.

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Updating Kodi on the Android Box

Kodi is an open-source and free media player that allows users to access various content on the Android box. Kodi can also be updated on the Android box. However, before you decide to update Kodi on your Android box, you need to check the following

Check if it has a hard or soft reset option

Check if it has previously been updated to Jarvis.

Check the operating system.

Steps to Updating Kodi

Backup Your Kodi Add-ons

The first step to take is to backup your Kodi add-ons. You can do this by going to the Kodi application-the navigate to programs and select add-ons.

Choose and enable the USB-SDCARD wizard on the device. Then, select the configure box that pop-up.

Choose Destination

After you have chosen “configure,” select the USB or SD card as destination and click on OK.

Choose Backup

Once you click on, OK, you can navigate back and choose “open.” Next, click on backup and choose the “Backup your Add-ons icon.”

Complete the Update

Now that you have selected the “Backup your Add-ons icon,” wait till the task is completed. Then check if the update is complete.

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Wrap Up

Android boxes are devices that offer excellent streaming services to its users. You need to consistently update the device for better performance and outstanding working efficiency. Kindly go through the processes and become informed about updating your Android box