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Do Android Boxes Need Internet

One of the ways through which technology can thrive and progress is the use of the internet. The majority of the devices that are in use today require internet services before their users can enjoy their full functionalities. These devices include smartphones, PC, Android boxes, and many more.

Without internet services, the Android box cannot perform its streaming functions. The apps designed by most streaming companies require the use of the internet. That said, several internet service providers can grant Android box users the opportunity to stream movies, documentaries, and shows in their desire resolution quality.

You can connect via a Wi-Fi or get a dependable data plan that you will be able to afford so that you can enjoy your favorite movies or shows. While Wi-Fi allows you to stream media content in Ultra-HD and HD resolution, most people that desire to manage their data will desire to stream in moderate to low quality.

Due to the importance of the internet in streaming devices, there is a need to discuss it in Android boxes. Therefore, today I will be telling you all you need to know about having internet services connected to your Android box.

Why You Need Internet on Your Android Box

In the digital world, streaming devices cannot function without the use of the internet. All streaming apps on the Android box requires an excellent internet connection so that their users can enjoy their services.

These streaming apps provide their users with the option to choose the streaming quality they desire. However, most of the streaming apps consume more data when you stream them at high video quality.

Hence, there is a need for users to either have an unlimited data plan or get connected to a nearby Wi-Fi network. There are many other reasons why you need the internet so that you can enjoy streaming media content on your Android box. The reasons include the following

Internet is Needed to Stream Media Content

As said earlier, the main goal of purchasing an Android box for the entertainment section of your home is to enjoy videos or shows via the digital world. Live broadcast of video and shows on the Android box requires the use of stable and reliable internet facilities. Streaming videos and TV shows allow you to access engaging content from your favorite channel.

Since you may not have the chance to replay the content, you dedicate your attention to the video and shows. This prevents you from missing out on all aspects of the show or movie.

Access the Social Media and Websites

Before the introduction of the Android box in the entertainment and digital world, people were only presented with the opportunity of accessing their social media account and favorite website on their smartphones and PCs. Today, the Android box has offered its users a better option of internet access.

With the Android box, you can now access your social media account and browse your favorite website with an improved internet experience on a smart TV. Through smart TV, which gives a wider field of view, you can have the same access as when you surf the internet with your PC or smartphones.

Download Necessary Apps

One of the best ways through which you can enjoy using your newly purchased Android box is to get the necessary apps into it. It should be noted that the vast majority of the exciting apps do not come with the device. Hence, you need to access the Android Google play store of the Android box to download and install your favorite app effortlessly.

All you need to do to get them downloaded is to get stable and fast internet service, search for the app you desire to install, and download and install it on the device. By doing this, you can access the app and enjoy its contents anytime you are connected to excellent internet services.

Update the Android Box

All devices need regular updates, provided they are always in use. The Android box is not exempted here. For your Android box to perform at its optimum capacity, always, you need to get them updated. Updating it protect the device from all threats and attack when you connect it to the internet.

Also, it enables you to access and enjoy new features that have been added to the model of your Android box. To update your Android box, you need excellent internet services, preferably a Wi-Fi network. A stable connection will make the update become successful and completed faster.

Save Storage Space

Many devices have internal storage devices where their users can save valuable content for future references and use. The Android box is not exempted from this feature. Many a time, these storage space need to be managed so that there will be space to save vital information.

The Android box has a storage device for its users to save relevant content. For you to manage the storage capacity so that it can be used for other purposes, the streaming of media content without saving becomes essential. This can be enjoyed provided there is a stable internet facility.

Internet Services You Can Use on Android Box


The best internet facility you can enjoy on your Android box is Wi-Fi. With a Wi-Fi network, you can stream your favorite video or shows in Ultra-HD, HD, and other video quality. Internet connections with Wi-Fi are reliable and can be used to complete all relevant updates.

You can also use it to download your favorite apps and surf the internet to access your social media account. To connect via Wi-Fi, go to settings, and choose Wi-Fi.


Ethernet is another means through which you can connect your Android box to the internet for an excellent streaming experience. Connecting with ethernet is preferable when your router is closer to the device.

To connect via Ethernet, go to settings and choose Ethernet.

Wrap Up

Internet services are vital to all devices that are used to stream media content. Today, I have discussed all you need to know about getting your Android box connected to the internet. Do go through and get informed.